Welcome to Panda3D!

In this gitbook, we'll be covering the basic portions of Panda3D, which is a 3D graphics module. (Yes, you can code in 3D! :D )

Panda3D is a huge module with lots of really cool functionality, but since it's so large, we will only cover the basics of the module. Many of the functionalities that are more difficult are up to you to learn. With that being said, lets start!

Why Panda3D

Panda3D is a complete 3D graphics engine. It looks super dope, and allows you to manipulate your code in 3D. It's a powerful and sophisticated 3D graphics engine that is relatively easy to work with (among 3D graphics engines...). It also works with Python, which is ideal for our purposes in 112. It's free and was helped developed by CMU!

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